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RIP Manzo - 22 Jan 2022

"Against every adversity Manzo is here making music, which farts in the very face of a profiteering industry."

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Sadly Manzo was taken from us too soon, RIP 22/01/22.

Manzo is the musical alias of songwriter and producer Alan Hodgetts. With a background in visual art, Manzo has never been shy about trying out different mediums or materials to communicate his ideas and observations.


Music provides him with a popular platform to share his observations and social commentary, whilst providing greater opportunity for creative collaboration.

Applying himself in the very same way he does with his art - rather than visual collages, Manzo creates musical collages, some abstract, some literal. Refusing to be boxed in to one particular style, this approach is reflected with the fusion of genres including pop, alternative, electronic, hip hop, reggae and more.

In 2015, as a creative concept, Manzo produced a CGI animation ‘Make Peace and Love’ along with a musical soundtrack. After this, he continued composing and producing music, bringing his compositions together into his 11 track debut album ‘Ultramarine’. Each track on Ultramarine is the result of a musical experiment.

"...really enthralling aspects".........

- on Ultramarine

Ultramarine was released on 15 January 2016 and entered the IMNZ Indies album charts at #8

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 Released on 26 July 2019, the 11 track album Attachment reached #2 in the NZ Indie charts, #17  in the main NZ album charts. 

Manzo's second studio album Outsiderwas a real step up in terms of production techniques. Featuring a range of talented guest vocalists and musicians who have been drawn into the ‘Manzo web’, creating a community of talent and feeding the energy and expectations for the album.


Released on 2 September 2017, Outsider reached #2 in the NZ Indie charts, #2 in the NZ Heatseeker album charts, #8  in the main NZ album charts.

Manzo has an eclectic, experimental style, combining a variety of instruments into vocal genres that are out-of-the-norm. The timing and instrument choices are spot-on and create a unique aggregate that is invigorating to listen to. The standout track is that of Loco. With a piano/violin introduction, and stark, polarizing spoken vocals, the track comes off like a modern Pink Floyd; erratic, unconventional and distinctive. An unexpected treat.

- on Outsider

It’s like no other album you’re going to hear this year.


Too much effort went into this album for it to be ignored. I urge, nay implore you to listen. To find a comfortable space away from your social media, your emails, your office job and listen. Listen and breathe. Live.

Bullshit censored BLANK (1 of 1) - Copy.

For the most part it’s a little piece of country, a little bit of subdued rock, a handful of jazzy blues licks, and a pocket brimming with moxie. The lyrics are thoughtful and clever, and the vocal execution is on point. It’s almost antithetical to the experimentation with style seen on the other release. More organic. 

- muzic,net,nz on Beatniks on Toast

Released on 26 July 2019, the 4 track EP Beatniks on Toast was released alongside the Attachment album as part of a limited edition 2 CD set 

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